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Variable Data – save time, cut costs and reduce human error

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Company X was having difficulty with the time it was taking to proofread the artworks for their labels to keep up with up the ever-changing rules that you need to be compliant with international laws, symbols and regulations. There were still mistakes being made with the text and then on top of all this, the text had to be in so many different languages. There were also hundreds of artworks to manually update every time there was a change. This was starting to cause delays in getting their orders out, which in turn was causing problems with their suppliers upstream. It was a stressful situation.

Not wanting to face this again, Company X went to the Rudholm Group as they had heard about their state-of the-art web-based Variable Data system (handling Care Labels, price stickers, RFID and NFC  labels) that they have developed and built to make the process of ordering Variable Data labels secure, easier, saving time, effort and cost. 

“We got in touch with Rudholm Group and within two weeks we eliminated the need for keeping Artworks up to date, emailing artworks, and the work related to proofreading the information on the labels. Within this system we could see a preview based on data from the database of the actual print image. This allowed us to view, adjust and confirm details within the system. And it complies with international laws, symbols and regulations and support for all languages. No more headaches for me.”  CEO of Company X.

This web-based software can be connected to from any location and this variable data solution suits all brands, from global to domestic markets. Rudholm Group have NINE production hubs across the globe, all with local production to lower costs under RH ownership, which means that quick lead times are guaranteed, there are competitive prices and reducing the carbon footprint for all of us.

Please fill in the Let’s Get Started form above if you want to find out more information.

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