Labelling your apparel with confidence

Elevate your brand with premium, durable labels that combine exceptional quality and competitive prices.

Woven & printed labels

Our versatile range of broadloom, needle loom woven, and printed labels caters to apparel, footwear, and home textiles.

Featuring standard cotton, polyester, and up to 100% GRS certified recycled polyester yarns, our labels blend quality with eco-consciousness, enhancing your products sustainably.

Care labels

Choose our thermal or flexographic printing for your tear-away labels, with thermal offering low minimums and flexographic requiring larger orders per design. Customise labels with single or double-sided printing and optional mid-folds to suit your needs.


print stations


production hubs


labels produced every year

Hang tags & price tickets

We lead in producing customisable hang tags, price tickets, and branding essentials, combining innovative materials and sustainable practices for impactful branding that stands out responsibly.

UPC/EAN barcode stickers

EAN and UPC barcodes are globally recognized systems for efficient product tracking, inventory management, and smoother retail operations. These unique identifiers minimise errors and enable data analysis, ultimately enhancing decision-making and supply chain efficiency.

Explore our reliable and custom EAN/UPC stickers with Variable Data Cloud® for easy order management.

Heat transfer solutions

Our versatile and innovative heat transfer solutions offer seamless branding, labelling, and functional features, replacing traditional sewn-in labels for a comfortable and tagless experience.

Badges & patches

We craft our array of badges and patches to enhance the individuality and appeal of apparel. With a diverse selection, we cater to a variety of styles and needs, distinctively embellishing every garment.