Our Approach

Unlocking new possibilities

As the go-to partner for your textile needs, we leverage cutting-edge technology and decades of experience to deliver long-lasting business results.

Our Solutions

Innovation for tomorrow

We aim to innovate quality products and services globally, with strategic warehousing, custom solutions, and advanced technology integration, enhancing customer experience and partnerships for the apparel and footwear industries. 

Design team

Translating exquisite design into product

Our award-winning design team goes beyond features, crafting distinct brand expressions and tailoring solutions to boost your relevance and desirability.


We design for optimal performance, focusing on user-friendliness and eliminating unnecessary complexity.

Recycled materials

We integrate recycled or certified materials whenever possible to minimise reliance on virgin resources and landfill waste.

Material Choices

We focus on material durability, recyclability, and environmental, delivering the perfect fit for each product.


We prioritise circular design principles with design easy recycling or upcycling in mind, promoting material reuse and reducing waste at the end of their lifespan.

Resource efficiency

We minimise resource consumption and waste during manufacturing by employing efficient material usage, energy conservation, and pollution prevention measures.


We prioritise product longevity and reusability over single-use designs, extending product life cycles and reducing landfill contributions.

3D modelling

We use 3D modelling for photorealistic visuals, accelerating sustainable product development and fostering collaboration through transparency and customisation. This digital approach reduces costs, lead times, and environmental impact by minimising physical samples.

Production Expertise

High-quality sourcing and production

We foster ethical and sustainable practices throughout our supply chain and hold partners to high standards, guaranteeing fair treatment of individuals and responsible environmental management through comprehensive policies and adherence to national and international regulations.

Local and global network

Combining local presence with a global network, we offer deep market insights, tailored solutions, and access to diverse talent and opportunities.


We thrive in the dynamic world of textiles. Our agile approach allows us to adapt to evolving markets, creating tailored solutions and prioritising speed to market for efficient customer service.

High service level

Building long-term partnerships is central to our success. We prioritise reliability, responsiveness, and personalised attention, fostering trust and loyalty.

End-To-End Support

Personalised guidance
at each step

About Us

Built on long-standing heritage and Scandinavian spirit

As an industry leader for numerous decades, our company’s family-led values and long-term connections fuel our passion for making a positive impact. We believe in the power of continuous innovation and sustainability, driving us to be a force for good in the business world.

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