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Rudholm Group is a founding member of the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA)

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Rudholm Group (RH) are fully committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment.  RH is a founding member of the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA). STICA’s goal is that Sweden becomes the first climate positive apparel and textiles industry in the world before 2050. This initiative aims to support apparel and textile organisations and the Swedish apparel and textile industry to reduce their impact on the climate while strengthening global competitiveness in line with the 1.5 C warming pathway.

RH have created realistic, time-bound plans and actions for reducing our GHG emissions globally. We track, publicly report and present our progress. Collaborating with other STICA members to develop solutions and share best practices. RH are involved in on-going education and training to keep abreast of current knowledge, tools and standards.

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