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RH Group in Sourcing Journal, Americas biggest apparel industry sourcing magazine

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“Using a technology that can be added to any plastic polymer, Rudholm Group said it was able to speed

up the breakdown of the plastic’s polymer chain, allowing naturally existing microorganisms to

consume the plastic. The estimate is that these new products within only a few years to break

down, (depending on the thickness and size of the plastic and conditions in the landfill) and can naturally

decompose in anaerobic landfill.

The biodegradable plastics can be used for packaging, including polybags, shipping mailers, PET boxpackaging,

and shirt collar stands, stays and supports. Rudholm said the new process improves on the

standard oxo-degradable technology by speeding up a natural process that would otherwise take

centuries to happen. Plus, since the process is natural, it doesn’t result in microplastics or any toxic

residue, while oxo-degradable technology leaves fragments and toxins behind.”

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