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Renewable, Traceable Performance Wool Insulation

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Rudholm has partnered with HD® Wool Apparel Insulation. This is innovative, traceable wool insulation for the outdoor and lifestyle apparel industry. As a fourth generation family involved in the wool industry, their unrivalled experience enables them to identify ethically grown wool and guarantee traceability back to farm through the unique Woolkeepers® sourcing and quality assurance platform.

HD®Wool has been a strategic growth partner for The Woolkeepers® by developing new routes to market for the growers. The Woolkeepers® is aligned with agriculture and farm certification schemes to ensure that the growers work towards standards based on science, evidence, best practice and legislation that cover animal welfare, safety, traceability and environmental protection. All farm members strive for the very best in animal health and wellbeing. This model provides sourcing integrity, pays a fairer price for wool directly to the grower.

HD® Wool Apparel Insulation is actively supporting farmers to heal the planet by regenerating their own grasslands. By practicing holistic land management from the Savory Institute, farmers are able to give the land a voice of its own and sell verified regenerative sourcing solutions for raw materials, such as meat, dairy, leather and wool using the Land to Market ™ seal. HD® Wool Apparel Insulation is the first Land to Marketsupply chain partner that is committed to supporting producers with a new route to market, while providing brands with regenerative sourcing solutions and consumers with dynamic buying choices.

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