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Rudholm the leading 3M Distributor of Thinsulate in Europe announces the collaboration of Momonary A/W 2024 with 3M Thinsulate™

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The Momonary Autumn/Winter 2024 collection draws inspiration from cartography under the theme “Mappa Mundi.” Following the fearless Momonary exploration team adorned in uniform, we embark on a journey to expand the boundaries of maps, joining forces with 3M’s Thinsulate™ as we traverse from Minnesota, seeking scattered treasures along the way.In 1570, Flemish cartographer Abraham Ortelius published the world’s first modern map. Momonary, evolving with the development of atlases, delves into the diverse points, lines, and spaces on maps, depicting hope and fear, sparking curiosity and imagination.

Cartography mirrors technological progress, embodying the spirit of challenge exemplified by 3M: “We see the challenges of the world clearly and unite all those who dare to face them. We purposefully innovate, leveraging technology every day to create a real impact in the lives of people worldwide.”

In the Momonary 2024AW series, we continue the layering of materials and textures, emphasizing a lightweight feel. Thin, map-printed chiffon layers cascade, revealing the ever-changing terrain. Iconic gold-stitched embroidery flowers act as coordinates, marking our journey. With 3M’s Thinsulate™ at its core, we push the boundaries of imagination for warmth materials, transcending extremes, entering the corners of everyday life. Even in the stagnation of the present, Momonary aims to awaken humanity’s primal desire for exploring new frontiers, urging us to embark on the journey now.

Rudholm Group is the leading 3M Distributor of Thinsulate in Europe. So to see how creative we can be with your collection.  Let Get Started!

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