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Fasteners by FIDLOCK – unique magnetic-mechanical technology

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Rudholm Group has an exclusive partnership with FIDLOCK, with rights to distribute and sell Fidlock products across Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. FIDLOCK has revolutionised the world of fasteners by harnessing the finest qualities of mechanical locks and integrating them with magnetic force.

Through the ingenious use of perfectly balanced magnets, FIDLOCK fasteners offer a seamless and intuitive user experience. With a satisfying audible click, the fastening components align effortlessly, securing with a robust mechanical engagement. Opening the fasteners is just as effortless, requiring simple movements such as rotating, sliding, or tilting with a single hand. The polarity reversal of the magnets ensures a swift and hassle-free release, providing secure fastening while delivering a unique combination of functionality, enjoyment, and comfort.

Recognising the remarkable innovation of FIDLOCK, the European Patent Office nominated their magnetic solutions for the prestigious European Inventor Award in 2022. This esteemed recognition further attests to the groundbreaking nature of FIDLOCK’s technology and its significant contributions to the fastening industry.

Rudholm Group is thrilled to bring FIDLOCK’s exceptional fastening solutions to the Scandinavian market, enabling businesses and individuals to experience the unparalleled convenience, reliability, and style that FIDLOCK offers.

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