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Fast Fashion Exhibition 21st -23rd November 2023, Poland, Warsaw: Discover Sustainable Innovations at Rudholm Group Booth #C1.06a

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Join us at the Fast Fashion Exhibition in Warsaw from November 21st to 23rd, 2023 and experience the innovative climate-friendly solutions offered by Rudholm Group. Discover our captivating showcase of eco-friendly, innovative packaging, accessories, and trims designed for the fashion industry.

Explore our exciting range of products:

  1. Climate- friendly Garment Accessories & Trims: Elevate your garments with climate-friendly and high-performance trims and accessories. Strike the perfect balance between functionality and eco-consciousness.
  2. Climate-Friendly Labels/Hang Tags and Strings: Customised eco labels, tags, and strings with recycled, recyclable, and renewable solutions.
  3. Digital Platform: Discover our fully integrated production of variable data for care labels, price stickers, NFC & RFID labels, EAN stickers, and box stickers with unique numbers and shipping information.
  4. RH Solutions: Experience a fully automatic workflow for labels and accessories, ensuring compliance with international laws, symbols, and regulations.
  5. Digital Passport – ShareLabel Platform: Enhance garment authenticity and identity with digital care labels using QR codes or NFC chips.
  6. 3M Thinsulate: As the foremost European distributor for 3M Thinsulate Insulation, Rudholm Group ensures strategic warehouse locations throughout Europe to minimise lead times and reduce environmental impact.
  7. HD Wool Insulation: Discover HD® Wool Apparel Insulation, ethically grown wool with guaranteed traceability back to the farm through the Woolkeepers® sourcing and quality assurance platform, guaranteeing fair prices for wool and high animal welfare standards.
  8. E-Commerce Packaging: Explore 100% recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable options, making shipping and returns smarter and eco-friendly.

Do not miss this opportunity to witness the future of outdoor and workwear solutions. Join us at Booth #C1.06a to learn more about our innovative products. Let’s shape a sustainable tomorrow together!

For additional information, visit our website: or fill in the Let’s Get Started form above if you want to find out any more information.