Digital Solutions

Working for responsible, compliance-driven transformations

We unlock a future of convenience and sustainability for the apparel industry, ensuring compliance and facilitating positive change.

Digital Innovation

Shaping the future of fashion

We craft pioneering software solutions that optimise supply chains, enhancing visibility and streamlining processes. By collaborating with clients, we analyse data to identify and address inefficiencies, promoting conscious practices, efficient transportation, and order planning.

Anti-counterfeiting, transparency,
and authenticity

ShareLabel® stands as a game-changer in the apparel industry, offering advanced anti-counterfeiting and transparency solutions. It certifies product authenticity and supply chain visibility, fostering consumer trust and ethical practices for brands.

Better customer

We empower brands with technology to create engaging customer experiences through education and storytelling, helping them stand out in the crowded market.

Regulatory requirements

Variable Data Cloud® and ShareLabel® seamlessly address regulatory requirements in the apparel industry, confirming compliance with stringent standards. Gain thorough oversight of product origin and supply chain processes, reinforcing legal and ethical adherence.

Global reach

We maintain an extensive global footprint, with print operations in over ten countries including China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and more. This grants global reach with localised service, letting us cater to your needs wherever.


Unleashing transparency and traceability

ShareLabel® offers supply chain transparency and limitless branding potential through unique digital product passports embedded in garments. Our groundbreaking software platform allows brands to share their story and adapt to future regulations with ease.


  • Digital care label
  • Authenticity verification
  • Custom branding
  • Basic marketing and integrations
  • Company sustainability values
  • Compliance with current and forthcoming legislation


  • Sourcing and supply chain
  • End of life and product lifecycle
  • Repairability and recyclability
  • Point of Sale (POS) integration
  • Marketing and upsell opportunities
  • Social
  • Personalised integrations and features

Variable Data Cloud®

Streamlining efficient, compliant global labelling

Variable Data Cloud® (VDC) simplifies care label creation and compliance for global brands, providing accurate translations of washing instructions and symbols for specific markets. You can also automate care label data with VDC, reducing communication and streamlining the process for both brands and manufacturers. Plus, get to generate barcode stickers for thousands of SKUs with a single upload, simplifying production and distribution.

Variable Data Cloud® for care labels

  • Compliance with international language regulations (translation into over 200 languages)
  • Adherence to international wash-symbol standards
  • Standard format across all garment manufacturers
  • Support for translation and language in garment composition and care instructions
  • Optimization of label layout and automated ordering process
  • Potential for direct client ERP software integration (via API)
  • Online preview of layout during the ordering process
  • Workflow for layout approval between factory and brand
  • Possibility of complimentary ShareLabel® integration (For Digital Product Passport – DPP)

Variable Data Cloud® for UPC/EAN data

  • Uniform format for UPC/EAN stickers across all garment manufacturers
  • Simplified process for uploading UPC/EAN barcode information
  • Automated generation of layout designs
  • Capability for API integration
  • Ability to preview layouts online during the order process
  • Streamlined approval process for layouts between manufacturers and brands
  • Possibility of complimentary ShareLabel® integration (For Digital Product Passport – DPP)

RFID/NFC Solutions

Tag technology for today’s world

Unleash the power of smart tracking with RFID and NFC

Monitor your goods wisely with tags that employ radio-frequency identification (RFID) and NFC technology, enabling non-contact tracking for improved inventory management, reduced costs, enhanced customer interaction, supply chain transparency, and many more.

Our RFID Services

Dedicated implementation support

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to facilitate the integration of RFID technology tailored to your specific needs, handling all complexities from pre-assessment to final transportation.

Eco RFID Tags

Advancing sustainable
tag practices

Our RFID eco-friendly tag technology enables the creation of RFID labels on renewable paper, eliminating dependency on plastic layers or harmful chemicals. This approach not only supports high-volume production but also maintains quality while being cost-effective.

Frequently asked questions

Online Webshop

Manage your orders for ultimate convenience

Rudholm.Online equips you and your vendors with 24/7 access to manage accounts, orders, and track deliveries.

Our user-friendly platform streamlines communication, reduces unnecessary shipments, and fosters a more sustainable business partnership.

Digital Development Team

Creating digital strategies for real-world impact

At RH Tech, Rudholm Group’s dedicated in-house digital development team, we simplify your labeling process with our custom-designed software solutions like ShareLabel, Variable Data Cloud, and our Online Webshop. RH Tech collaborates closely with Rudholm Group’s customers to innovate and deliver the best digital solutions for modern challenges.

Why Rudholm

End-to-end expertise from design to label

Working with us brings multiple benefits, including a strong local and global network, adaptability, and superior service quality.

We don’t just offer digital solutions but also manage the manufacturing and distribution of physical products such as labels and barcodes, presenting you with a distinct advantage.